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Jane Grantham

I have had the great pleasure of working with Nazia. She is a positive and passionate people person and is able to light up any room with her enthusiasm and caring nature. She was always there when I needed advice or support and would be an asset as a trainer for any...

Florence Carsalade

I have worked with Nazia for 9 years. During that time she was a big help. She is a person who listens to others,  is professional, patient, kind, attentive, motivated, does not hesitate to help others, and shares her knowledge. She is truly a perfect coach. Working...

Tiziana Lacoppola

I’ve been working with Nazia for several years and I always appreciated her positive look to life. She is a true people person always ready to listen and able to connect to people on a deep level. Her empathy, approach to life and problem-solving skills are great...

Laura Salgado

I have had the great opportunity to work with Nazia, and I say great opportunity, because it was… not everybody is as lucky like I am, because Nazia is not just very professional and smart.. she is an amazing woman! She is a great team builder! She is sunny and...

Beata C.

Nazia is an incredible effective problem solver, has great communication skills and is always willing to support others.

Melei Schol

Working with Nazia was a real pleasure. She is a professional, trustable and always available to help and make others feel better. I fully recommend Nazia, you will not be deceived.

Beata G.

I had a pleasure to work with Nazia. She is fully professional and dedicated person to all cases that she was taking care of. Nazia always creates an environment that encourages inclusion. Full of knowledge, full of understanding and being helpful all the time. She...

Luis Goncalves

Nazia was a wonderful work colleague that I dearly remember as someone always ready to help others whenever they need no matter how busy she was. She is a warm full and joyful person filling the room with her loud laughing's and always ready to listen to others with a...

Antoine Costa

I met Nazia during my time at Envista/Ormco. We worked for almost 2 years and Nazia is simply amazing. Always committed with the job, she has the power to turn a difficult day into an ending smile. With positive and enthusiastic attitude, she could motivate anyone...

Maria W.

Nazia ist eine ausgezeichnete Zuhörerin und kann sich gut in andere Menschen hineinversetzen. Mit ihrer positiven Art versteht sie es Menschen zu motivieren und zu verbinden. Sie ist sehr passioniert bei ihrer Arbeit wodurch sie ihr Umfeld mitreißt und das Beste aus...

Pedro Avila

For me, the most remarkable characteristic of Nazia's personality - apart from being the most positive person I know - is that she is always ready to help others at any time. She always finds the most appropriate way to do so while respecting the decisions of others....

Anke Wandel

Nazia en ik hebben vele jaren samengewerkt met nadruk op de laatste jaren. Bijzondere punten te noemen in onze samenwerking is dat we altijd op elkaar konden rekenen, of dat het de vele overuren  samen waren of een extra helpende hand zeker met de tijdsdruk en...

Paulo Sousa

Nazia has always been a good friendly colleague, a trusted and effective member of our team and has delivered great results for us in collection activities on our complex markets. With a very professional approach and flexible in accepting new challenges presented....

Bianca Valimareanu

As much as it has been a pleasure working with Nazia professionally, I must say that I was happy to work with a dear friend. Nazia is not only committed and fully dedicated to her tasks and daily work, but she also cares deeply about the people she works with, which...

Carla Luten

Nazia heb ik leren kennen tijdens de training inzicht in non verbale dynamiek van InSa. Ze heeft een aimabele en analytische kant. Ze kan goed kijken en ziet daarmee de ander. Is oprecht geïnteresseerd en geeft meer ruimte dan ze neemt. Ze is hulpvaardig, heeft...

Julie Varin

I had the pleasure to work with Nazia for almost 2 years. She was really friendly and was always finding ways to keep the team’s morale up. She has also been a really helpful colleague and was always ready to answer any question or address any doubt I had. I have also...


I worked with Nazia in her previous job for several years. I appreciated that she was always really helpful. She solved all tasks responsibly and could use her gained experiences. She was really loyal to the company. All the time she was learning and didn´t stop for...

Elsemieke Brouwer

I used to work with Nazia for eight years! She was an amazing colleague. She is very talented and an amazing people’s person. Wish I could work with her again.

Aerial D.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nazia 5 years ago during her time with my company.  During the last 2 years she was responsible for creating the financial overview bi-weekly sessions regarding my customers.  She presented herself with professionalism and always very...

Micol Mosca

I met Nazia many years ago at work, and since the beginning I understood that she would have been a special person to me. I’ve benefitted from her creative problem-solving, tireless work ethic and willingness to do whatever it takes to reach her company goals. Her...

Leticia Miranda

I had the opportunity and pleasure to know Nazia and for that, I’m very happy. She has many qualities and definitely a great person to look up to as an example and to work with. She is extremely kind, very positive, a 100% team player, good listener and problem...

Lara F.

I worked closely with Nazia for 8 years and what I admire the most is her sunny personality and attitude through life. Also, she is an amazing team player. It didn’t matter the issue as she would be always ready to help you and find the time to listen and brainstorm...

Gloria Velardi

I have worked with Nazia for over a year in the credit collection department. When I started, I was new in my role, and she helped me from day one. Her dedication to the work and the team was remarkable.  She was willing to share her extensive knowledge in collections...

Cristina Gafton

Working with Nazia is always a pleasure. She is a bright and resourceful person with a keen eye for detail. Nazia is a hard worker and has shown a positive and calm attitude even when put under pressure. I would highly recommend working with her and I’m sure she’d be...

Sebastien Threstran

Having worked with Nazia as a direct colleague for many years, I have no hesitation in supporting her new endeavour. I have gotten to know her as someone with great teamwork skills and excellent leader abilities. She is also a very pleasant and enjoying lady who...

Gareth Ellis

In the time I have known and work with Nazia, I have found her to be hard working with an attention to detail as well as an excellent communicator, Her ability to work across teams & departments and be collaborative is a...

Diana Fidalgo

When I moved to the Netherlands, my first professional challenge was at Ormco where I had the pleasure of working with Nazia between 2010 and 2015. Nazia is someone extraordinary, not only on a professional but also on a personal level. She builds strong relationships...

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PR unplugged.com has been founded after almost 2 decades of working for corporate businesses, observing and attending endlessly and tirelessly business meetings, kaizens, and training programs. With the experiences, knowledge, and education we were able to build our custom-made and unique training programs. We believe that your employees are the pillars of your organization. The stronger your employees, the stronger your organizational foundation to build your successes on.

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We believe that every person, company, or organization is different and unique and so will be our Custom-Made Training Programs for any department whether that is Customer Service, Accounts Receivables, Telesales and so on, working and in need of support in communication. We do not believe in standard dialogs, as no conversation is ever the same. Furthermore, we do not doubt nor judge the level of expertise and skills of your employees, but will help them to elevate their communication techniques for an enhanced level of customer satisfaction.

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We offer coaching and support for all consumers who are feeling stuck or stagnated in their career developments Bore-Out or facing negative behaviors on the work floor Narcissistic (Abusive) Behaviors by either their peers or superiors.