Founded 2021

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PR has been founded after almost 2 decades of working for corporate businesses, observing and attending endlessly and tirelessly business meetings, kaizens, and training programs. With the experiences, knowledge, and education we were able to build our custom-made and unique training programs. We believe that your employees are the pillars of your organization. The stronger your employees, the stronger your organizational foundation to build your successes on.

Also, we have observed and recognized some less fortunate occurrences of the corporate world which often gets brushed away or even gets excused, as ‘that is how it works in the corporate world’. As we support and strive for innovation and improvements, the stigma of indecent and inappropriate behaviors at the workplace is something we would like to see changed. Some will say that it is wishful thinking and almost unlikely, but we can certainly make every effort to try.


‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.’

-Winston Churchill-


PR welcomes all and therefore offers support to all employees as consumers across the globe, regardless of your background, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality, or religion. Currently, we can only offer support in the languages Dutch and English and strive to offer multilingual availabilities in the future.



Our Mission & Vision

Don’t feel like reading? Have a look at the video version.

At PR®, we communicate with diligence and care. We believe that every person, company, or organization is different and unique and so will be our Custom-Made Training Programs for any department whether that is Customer Service, Accounts Receivables, Telesales and so on, working and in need of support in communication. We do not believe in standard dialogs, as no conversation is ever the same. Furthermore, we do not doubt nor judge the level of expertise and skills of your employees, but will help them to elevate their communication techniques for an enhanced level of customer satisfaction.

We support diversity and value relationships by establishing rapport supported by pillars of trust, mutual respect, honesty, transparency, and absolute objectiveness. With the help of behavior analyses and investigative interviewing, we will support in finding your organization the problem-solving solution to your communication challenges.

Furthermore, we will be offering coaching and support for all consumers who are feeling stuck or stagnated in their career developments Bore-Out or facing negative behaviors on the work floor Narcissistic (Abusive) Behaviors by either their peers or superiors.

‘There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.’ 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox-



About Me

Hi there, my name is Nazia Rodjan,

With an extensive verbal communication/finance background with corporate businesses, I took a slightly different course in my career. They say that life experience often redirects you to places where your heart and/-or passion lies most.

Even though having gained ample knowledge and experience and being fairly recognized for it, it somehow always kept me questioning and left me unfulfilled. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every step I made in my career including meeting some wonderful people I am still in touch with or have befriended, and a few even became ‘framily’. (framily = friends so close you consider family)

This is my second attempt at writing about myself, as when I started this journey, I was quite nervous and maybe a bit fearful about what was expected of me. I took courses and training about starting businesses and being an entrepreneur. How do you make an impact even though my mission and vision were clear? And you know what? I decided to write as myself, from the heart. I believe that being unique long enough must stand out eventually. Talking about transparency, right?

I will continue to attempt to make an impact, but the kind of impact by helping and supporting others in life and career, making a difference for those in need. Even though my focus is mostly on the work environment, I might change course and direction, focusing more on the consumer market depending on how my career develops and completes my education.

With that said, my endeavors are not only based on experience, but I have been educating and training myself for the past few years. Next to my financial education and background, I graduated with my Management and Leadership studies. I received my certificate in Body Language at the Body Language Academy of Joe Navarro (Non-verbal Communication). Furthermore, I decided to continue my education by studying Human Behavior and am currently a B.Sc. Psychology student at the University. Member at the Dutch Institute of Psychologists – SPS-NIP –

As a coach and Trainer, I find it important to learn and understand human behavior, making me able in helping to support others as required. But first and foremost, it teaches me about the impact and difference I can have and make with my behavior towards others.

Throughout organizational developments, I will add tutorials and vlog video’s explaining what Behavior Analyses mean to me and how it helps to support others.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if I can be of any support to you or your organization. Take care for now and hope to talk soon!