Custom-Made Training Program

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How does it work?

Our custom-made training programs are built in 4 phases.

  1. Complete submission form online + payment (method) + booking 60 minutes intake video call.
  2. 45 minutes 1:1 interview video call will be held with each participant employee. (Max. 10 participants per training.)
  3. Report out analyses + advice and training material.
  4. Depending on which package you choose, there is either a 90-minute Q&A session, 240 minutes group dynamic report out/training online, or training at a location. 


      • Monday until Saturday and within the available time slots (Day and Evening).
      • Please feel free to reach out by email or (WhatsApp) messaging +31 6 19569426 in case your preferred time slot is not available. Perhaps your organization is based on the other side of the world and there are time differences. We will do our very best to make our services available to your organization.


      By separating the employees with a 1:1 interview video call, we would like to achieve the following;

      • The employees are free to speak up and share their struggles or concerns without feeling embarrassed about what their colleagues or team members might think or say. Often the introverts of the team get lost in the group dynamics, and we find it important that everyone is heard equally to make a fair and honest analysis. Please note that we do not judge, and all conversations are confidential and will not be discussed or shared with any of your peers or superiors. We will make an overall/collective analysis with the struggle points, concerns, and advice without mentioning any names or referring this back to anyone.
      • You only pay for training material based on your companies culture and needs. We will not bother or charge you for information your employees do not need or already have the knowledge of.
      • Each employee is experienced on different levels, so their expertise and knowledge will not be questioned. We will only assess what each employee requires, and sometimes it can happen that the most experienced ones will only need some mindfulness coaching. This would be the reason why we can offer you the DIY package as you then can apply the training material hacks, tips, and tricks yourself.
      • There will be many of you recognizing the discomforts of those generalized training programs where you start the first hour with an introduction. This part will be excluded from our training programs, as full introduction and rapport will be achieved in our 1:1 video call interview. Therefore, we can keep any form of our training material report out straightforward but also short, which is considered most effective. Also, we use animated video material with a hint of humor to keep it interactive and therefore make learning more fun.
      • The employees will have the opportunity to ask questions during the video call interview, so they don’t have to wait for the report out. We will support as much as we can in ‘real-time.

      The Benefits

      • Understanding and building strong relations with your customers will lead to a higher sales potential, higher collection numbers, and a lower DSO (Days sales outstanding).
      • Understanding and building strong relations with your colleagues will foster forming teamwork and synergies.
      • Positive impact on working capital.
      • With better understanding, control of emotions, and responsiveness dealing with crucial conversations and mindfulness will benefit the employees and avoid workplace depressions and demotivation. If not dealt with on time, this will lead to Burn-Out, Bore-Out, and Brown-Out.


      The following subjects will be taken into consideration for analyses and building the report training program;

      • Company culture
      • Business etiquette
      • Process-improvement
      • Problem-solving
      • Crucial conversations
      • Mindfulness

      Duration and Participation

      A full customized training procedure and process for a maximum of 10 participants per training would take up at least 2 full days of work. More than 10 participants are possible and have a longer process time. We prefer to keep our groups no larger than 10 participants, as the larger the group gets, the less detailed and accurate the analyses and report-out. For example, if you request training for 25 participants, we will split the analyses and report-out into a group of 3. Furthermore, do we calculate the prices per participant (See pricing Tab). This means that we also support individual training, such as the onboarding of a new hire.

      Extra Note

      Because we will be on video calls during working hours most of the time it is difficult to reach us by phone. We kindly request in case you have any questions to please email or send a (WhatsApp) message to +31 6 19569426, and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Our aim and goal are to reply within 48 hours.


      ‘The villainy you teach me I will execute,

      and it shall go hard, but I will better the instructions.’

      -William Shakespeare-



      Coaching for Business

      What we offer with coaching for businesses is the following.


      • Ad-hoc support to communication challenges for any department.
      • Within the preferred time slot that we will reserve for your organization, any employee will be free to reach out to PR support via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
      • The well-being and state of mind of your employees are significant to us. Your employees will have our undivided attention.
      • The subjects we offer support on are Crucial conversations, Process-Improvement, Problem-Solving, and Mindfulness.
      • All conversations are confidential. PR follows the GDRP regulations and has 24/7 IT support for privacy and data protection.
      • Your organization is not stuck to any subscriptions or contracts and can stop using our support any time by simply sending an email to
      • Currently, we only offer support in the languages Dutch and English and strive to offer multilingual availabilities in the future.

      Contact us for a Qoute 


      Phone: +31 6 19569426

      Freelance Assignments

      We are available for freelance/temporary assignments in fields where communication or human behavior is of importance. Think of fields as Credit Management, Customer Relations, (Tele)Sales, and Marketing, but also as a Coach or Trainer.

      What do we see as temporary:

      • A few hours a day, a week, or a month
      • A few days a week or month
      • One or a few weeks
      • One or a few months
      • No preference for a year, but is negotiable

      Advantages of self-employed staff:

      • As a client, you do not have to take into account costs or reservations such as care, illness, damage, liability, and disability insurance.
      • As a client, you do not have to take into account costs or reservations for accruing pension, vacation days, or holiday pay.
      • As a client, you do not have to take into account costs or reservations related to the workplace and any other costs associated with permanent staff.
      • Any travel costs will be included in the price agreement.
      • Flexible deployment.

      The rates we charge for a freelance assignment can vary between €40 and €60 per hour, and therefore the price is negotiable. Factors that might influence the pricing are:


      • We prefer to work from home because (unless exclusively agreed) we offer services to various clients. The privacy of our clients is of the highest priority.
      • We consider travel time as a waste of valuable working time, but also an added cost price.
      • For temporary assignments outside the Netherlands, we include accommodation costs in the price agreement.

      Contact us for a Qoute 


      Phone: +31 6 19569426

      The Bore-Out Phenomenon

      Don’t feel like reading? Have a look at the video version.

      Coaching & Support

      We offer coaching and support on the subject’s Bore-Out and Narcissistic (Abusive) Behaviors at the workplace and environment. Many have encountered toxic behaviorism and environments at the workplace, which often are ignored or enabled by either themselves or the ones around them. Surprisingly, many acknowledge to either have experienced it, going through it, or know someone who has been.

      What is Bore-Out?

      Are you working for a very long time for that same role with no challenges or opportunities for potential growth? Are you working beneath your level of capabilities? Or you just took that job because it pays the bills, but have studied for something entirely different? Or did you immigrate to a foreign country where your studies are not recognized, which forces you to accept a job beneath your level? If yes? Probably you have been through ´bore-out´ or still experiencing the phenomenon. That feeling of going back to that job where you feel bored every single day in and day out, feeling of depression, the lack of confidence, motivation, and concentration? Note that, feeling ´bore-out´ doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have enough to do, but it might as well be that you have too much of the same tasks and often for a longer period. Is this really as good as it gets?

      Everyone gets bored at work occasionally, but long-term signs of ‘bore-out’ and enabling them can cause serious mental distress. The most common signs of ‘bore-out’ are depression, stress, and anxiety, following into your personal life can cause insomnia, headaches, lack of or increased level of appetite, and so on.

      Some of you are not even aware that you are ‘bore-out’ and the ones that do, are often reluctant to address feeling ‘bore-out’ to their superiors or HR resources. While ‘burn-out’ behaviorism drives by excessive overworking and often is rewarded by the employer, the ‘bore-out’ reflects a lack of interest and motivation and is not appreciated by the organization. We would like to point out that it is not about being lazy or anything to be ashamed of. It is however another workplace phenomenon in need of serious attention to avoid delay or stagnation on your personal developments and career opportunities.

      There are many studies and researches out there which one of them is from Harju, L. (2016) about the whole ‘bore-out’ phenomenon into mere details and how it can lead to a high staff turnover for the companies. But our focus and aim is to support and advise all employees (by video call Zoom) and is considered a consumer’s market. If you need any support or advice, please book your coaching session at the preferred day and time slot.


      ‘Strength, motivation, and perseverance come from within. Trust we can’t do without.’


      DISCLAIMER: PR does not claim to be a certified Ph.D. physician or psychologist, but is well-educated and experienced enough to give advice and support in any of the subjects offered. All information shared by PR is for educational purposes only and does not substitute medical care in case of severe trauma or abuse. In these cases, we will advise contacting your GP or to reach out to a certified physician or psychologist.



      Dealing with Narcissistic (Abusive) Behaviors at your workplace?

      Don’t feel like reading? Have a look at the video version.

      Before you can assess if you are dealing with narcissistic personalities at the workplace, it is most important to recognize first what narcissism is and which type you are dealing with. We often use the word narcissism without actually knowing the true meaning of it and what it stands for. Are you dealing with a narcissistic colleague or a corporate bully?

      A true leading expert in narcissistic behaviors is Dr. Ramani Durvasula. Dr. Ramani is a professor of psychology, author, and media expert with an extensive variety of knowledge on all related forms of dealing with narcissism. PR will be coaching and specializing in the workplace environment only.

      The 7 types of descriptive narcissism, Durvasula, R. (n.d.) Ph.D.:

      1. Grandiose Narcissist – also known as the classic narcissist and have traits like arrogance, egoism, attention, validation seeking, lack of empathy, and the feeling of entitlement.
      2. Malignant Narcissist – is everything that the grandiose narcissist is, but also absolute mean and very vicious. Easily could their traits be confused as psychopathy as they lie, steal, cheat and hurt with little or no empathy at all. They would be great criminals.
      3. Covert Narcissist – also the secret narcissist, is put upon by the world but still grandiose. Will not take any ownership of blame, as it is the world to blame for everything that happens. Life has done them wrong and sounds more like depression.
      4. Communal Narcissists – They are the social media show off. They need constant validation and acknowledgments. They have a lack of empathy for the ones they help, as long as they get acknowledged for their work.
      5. Benign Narcissist – The benign narcissist is the milder form of all or any of the patterns that we observe in narcissism. Yet, they tend to lead to validation seeking and superficiality. They just can’t go deep with their emotions.
      6. Generational or cultural Narcissist – Which raises more the sort of the historical sociological background but also the most guilt-inducing form of narcissism. When culture experiences massive shifts, some groups may lose privileges, like women going from fewer to more rights, people from racial and ethnic minority groups, or people from certain religious backgrounds. When that happens, the people who usually had all of that power are not happy that they are losing it. This can also set into play a narcissistic pattern that almost resembles the covert narcissism for people that have lost a bit of power and have a chronic sense of victimization. This covert narcissist can also be intergenerational. The next generation inherits the sense of rage from the prior generations that lost the privileges.
      7. Mixed category Narcissist/Hybrid – Several or mixed types of narcissism. For example, a narcissist often has traits of several types of narcissism and in the worst form a mix of all the types. So don’t be surprised that your narcissist can be a mixed type of all the above.

      Do you recognize those behaviors as; It doesn’t matter what you say or do, you’ll never receive acknowledgment for your hard work or personal developments? Does this reflect on your yearly performance review without any supportive rationale? (Based on opinions, not facts or actual numbers.) Even if you would receive some kind of acknowledgment, it would be only because they would be the ones looking good and for their benefit? Not because it comes out of honesty and integrity. They will embarrass and belittle you, especially in front of others/peers because of authority and/or feeling of entitlement, and many more? Do you recognize the behaviors of the narcissistic personality you’re dealing with at your workplace? Do you realize how mentally damaging these behaviors are and affecting your personal development and career opportunities? Especially when dealing with a narcissistic superior, and it is their word against yours and does not feel heard or not know how to move forward? As a consumer, you are free to reach out to PR as we can advise and support in how to protect yourself from those behaviors and avoid further cessation in your career developments and opportunities.


      ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’

      -Eleanor Roosevelt-

      DISCLAIMER: PR does not claim to be a certified Ph.D. physician or psychologist, but is well-educated and experienced enough to give advice and support in any of the subjects offered. All information shared by PR is for educational purposes only and does not substitute medical care in case of severe trauma or abuse. In these cases, we will advise contacting your GP or to reach out to a certified physician or psychologist.



      Meet the Virtual Team


      Meet the Virtual Team…

      Welcome to PR – where we communicate with diligence and care. The PR virtual team will guide you through video and training materials to support you on your learning journey and personal developments. Each character will represent their specialism and expertise, however, all cross-functionally trained for backup. We all hope to see you soon. Click on the video…